Can I Sell my Broken iPhone 3GS to Upgrade to the Latest iPhone Model? – A Guide for Selling iPhone 3GS

If you want to upgrade to the new iPhone model or if you have a broken iPhone 3GS, you might wonder can I sell my broken iPhone 3GS? It is possible to sell your broken iPhone 3GS online. With the number of iPhone resale services increasing by the day, you do not have to hassle once you make the decision to sell your broken iPhone. Perhaps, the broken iPhone 3GS is of no use to you. Maybe you are not willing or ready to spend money on the repair of your broken iPhone. Regardless of the condition of your iPhone 3GS, you can make money by selling it.

How much is iPhone 3GS worth?

This is a very important question to ask before you sell your broken iPhone. You need to know the amount of money that you can make by selling your broken iPhone 3GS before you present it for sale. Generally, the worth of an iPhone 3GS is determined by several factors. They include the carrier, color, capacity and the condition of the iPhone. To estimate the price at which you can sell your iPhone, consider the prices at which similar devices are being sold. Nevertheless, you can sell your old iPhone 4S at a higher price if you include extras like the charger, data cable and its carrying case.

I sell my broken iPhone 3GS.

There are many ways of selling broken iPhones. Basically, you can sell a broken iPhone locally or online. However, selling your broken iPhone online is the best option because it enables you to compare prices of similar iPhones and also to sell your iPhone to a larger market. While selling a broken iPhone 3GS online, you will come across many iPhone resale services. It is important that you compare different iPhone resale services to determine the best service to use. With most services, you will be required to describe your iphone 3GS, upload its photos and set its price. This way, you will take iPhone to sell at best places choosing a larger market than when you opt to sell it locally.

Prepare your iPhone 3GS for sale

Before you sell your broken iPhone 3GS, it is important that you take time to prepare it for sale. This includes wiping out all personal data in the iPhone and looking for the best place to sell iPhone. Simply back up the data first then delete it to ensure that you will have access to your data once you buy a new iPhone. Additionally, clean the iPhone physically to ensure that it appeals to more prospects. It is also important that you unlock your iPhone if possible. An unlocked iPhone 3GS will fetch a higher price and attract more prospect buyers even if it is broken.

Basically, selling a broken iPhone 3 GS is now easy thanks to the internet. Once you make the decision to sell your iPhone 3 GS, you just need to use the best iPhone service online. Get in touch with us now if you have an iPhone 3 GS for sale and wondering how do I sell my broken iPhone 3GS.