A Guide on How to Prepare an Old iPhone 4s for Sale

Do you have an old iPhone 4s for sale? Then you need to know how to prepare it for sale. Before you present your old iPhone 4s to prospective buyers, it is important that you do certain things. Doing these things will ensure protection for your privacy and cell phone account. It will also give the buyer of your iPhone 4s the best experience possible.

Backup and restore factory settings

The first thing that you should do is to back up your device then restore its factory settings. This ensures that your files are preserved where you can access them once you buy a new iPhone. To back up your iPhone 4s, plug it into a computer then launch iTunes. Right click on the option then select “Back Up.” Once you have a back up, restore the device to erase the data that you have stored in it.

Deactivate the iPhone

If your iPhone 4s is an AT&T iPhone or using a different carrier that depends on a SIM card, you have to remove the SIM card. This is very important because the SIM card has crucial information that enables your device to connect with the carrier. If you are on Verizon or another carrier where SIM card is not used contact the carrier to request them to deactivate the iPhone so that it can be removed from your account. This will to prevent further charges.

Clean the iPhone

After restoring the device, you should clean it to give it a cleaner, appealing and fresher look. This will attract more prospective buyers. You should not be worried by minor scratches and dings because most buyers are not concerned about them. However, if the device has more significant dings, they are likely to affect its resale value.

Assemble the packaging

You should have the original packaging of your device together. Collect this packaging and present it for sale alongside your iPhone 4s. This includes the box in which the iPhone was when you bought it, the charger and sync cable. Most buyers tend to prefer devices that have original accessories and packaging. They also pay more for devices that come with original accessories and packaging. Once you have everything together, take photos of the device that you are selling and the accessories including the packaging and include it in the product description. Detailed pictures and a clear product description will provide more information to prospective buyers and make your device sell better.

Unlock or jailbreak your iPhone

If your iPhone 4s is locked, unlock or jailbreak it because this will make it sell faster and at a higher price. If you feel uncomfortable about the idea of jail-breaking your iPhone, ask a professional to help you.

Generally, research the place to sell an iPhone faster and at a higher price. If you need more tips and guidelines on how to prepare an old iPhone 4s for sale, get in touch with us. You can also use our iPhone reseller service to sell your used iPhone 4s.